7 de septiembre de 2014


Pavel Veselkin

Veselkin Pavel Eugen borned in 1943 in Ranenburg city of Ryazan region (now Chaplygin city of Lipetsk region).
From 1960 to 1965 studied in Ryazanskom artistic uchilische.
Teachers - I.I. Akinchev, B.P.Kuznetsov, G.N.Rakov, P.I.Budkin,
V.A.Ivanov, V.E.Kurakin, O.A.Busygina.
Influencing of such Russian masters is traced in his painting, as K.Korovin, N.Feshin and V.Sorokin - Lipetsk painter, recipient of an award the gilded youth of the Fine Art Academy.
Since 2002 - the member of the International artistic fund.
Since 2005 - the member of union of artists of Russia.
Works of artist are in many cities of Russia in private collections, and similarly in the Yelets artistic museum and in the Tambov regional art gallery. Abroad for private collectors in Austria, Canada, Italy, Estonia. One of works was purchased a great-grandchild L.N. Tolstoi - Ilia Ivanovich Tolstoi and is in France.
Reproduction of his work was printed in a book "Fine Art of Russia", volume 2, Moscow, 2006.

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