8 de junio de 2014


Gianni Strino

Italian Figurative painter Gianni Strino studied fine art at the acclaimed Naples Art Institute winning the medal for the best graduate artist in 1970. He taught art and art history until the demand for his work allowed him to become a full time artist. In his striking portraits Strino not only captures the beauty of his sitters but also the reality of the everyday. He does not restrict his models to beautiful young women as many portraitists do.
To him the life story of an Italian grandmother, or Nonna, is to be told through the lines on her face and the faded sparkle in her eye. Her beauty is captured for all to see, not as a vision of youth and vitality but as a life full of memories and stories that we can only imagine. The quality of Strino’s painting also sets him apart from his contemporaries. There is an ‘old master’ feeling in his work; the assured handling of line combines with a true understanding of tonal harmonies and composition, reminiscent of Renaissance portraiture of the 16th Century.

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