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10 de octubre de 2013


A March 18, 1954, born in the city of Sonsonate Pineda Cesar Menendez, ten years went to live with his parents to the city of Armenia where children and adolescents living a life surrounded by custom and nature. At an early age and as a result of an innate vocation to the arts involved in the first contest, the winner of First Prize in the Student Painting Contest, organized by the Ministry of Education of El Salvador. This distinction is made worthy of a scholarship to the newly opened National Arts Center (CATER), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. In 1976, already established in Fidelia Acosta Marriage to Costa Rican nationals and decided to devote himself full time to his passion for the Arts, in his first solo exhibition held in the Exhibition Hall of the Bank Atlacatl event prepared with great enthusiasm and expectation but eventually only perceives the assistance of his family.

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