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29 de mayo de 2013

Silvano Braido

Silvano Braido Pittore was born in Treviso. He makes his home on the outskirts of Villorba in the Treviso countryside. As a child he discovered that he had a need not only to play, but also to draw, to communicate and express himself. Pencil, pastels, and, later, oil and acrylic became his inseparable, lifelong companions. During his school years at the academy of fine arts in Venice he branched out into various new areas. He never finished his studies due to famil y concerns, because he moves in a different world, and his need for selfexpression took a different path. The various jobs he took in the following period helped him make ends meet, but they never stopped him from feeling that he had a calling, and he continued to pursue painting in his spare time. Gradually, stubbornly, with cunning and long study, he set out down the path towards a career as a full time artist. This bold decision was dictated by his sensibility and his deep love for his work. He gained further experience with drawing and various painting techniques and did his first etchings. His first expositions immediately proved that he was a highly creative, captivating artist. Now, in his full maturity, with a refined sense for painting, he creates images of extraordinary beauty: never-ending skies and fantastic creatures that illuminate the scenes of his conversations with life.

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