29 de octubre de 2012

Pinturas de Kim Roberti

Artist Kim Roberti. Her figurative work is impressionistic, and at first glance the style appears to give the figures Roberti puts on canvas a blurred sense of movement; the way the artist renders her figures, (and often the actions she captures them in) works wonderfully well with her technique. There is real life and energy on Roberti's canvases (actually it's gessobord), and it's a testament to the artist's growing skill that she can create that sense of movement in paint. Scrolling down Roberti's blog page, you find yourself constantly stopping to admire another piece, but it's that sense of movement that is so entrancing; you feel like you're missing something if you don't stop and look. In particular, I refer to Roberti's 'chef/cooking' series of figurative paintings. Pieces such as 'High On Spice', 'Kitchen Confidential', 'The Hot Issue' and 'Saucy Secret' are fine examples of how Roberti's technique infuses movement and action into already action-filled poses and situations. Roberti paints in oil, and uses an interesting colour palette. The tones are often warm and dark, but the highlights leap out at us because of it.

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