5 de enero de 2013

Julie y Baker Albright

Julie Y Baker Albright is a 6th generation Vermonter and was born in 1958 in Essex VT. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Vermont. Julie started in the arts as a potter and held resident potter positions in Vermont’s two most notable arts & crafts centers. From clay she progressed to watercolor and now works exclusively in oil. Julie lives in Essex VT with her husband David and their younger son Max. Their son Wilfred is currently serving in the US Military. Still Life. Julie says of her work:” I work with oil in the classical style, from life, in north light. Fundamental to my work are strong drawing skills, which I have developed through years of drawing the figure & my children. As a painter of still life, I see beauty in all God’s creations. Man-made objects that have a common universal quality and objects from the hands of fellow artists have a strong presence in my work. The organic objects are from our own and local gardens or found growing wild in the feilds and meadows near by. While the objects I choose to paint are often common, they manifest an uncommon beauty when the cool north light caresses them and the warmth of the shadows engulf them. With the paint I strive for the illusion of the 3rd dimension, to paint the air behind the object and create a tranquil experience to share.”

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