18 de enero de 2013

Artista Trent Gudmundsen

Born in 1978, Trent Gudmundsen was raised in a small agricultural community in Utah where he developed a profound love of the type of western town that is defined as much by it’s people as it is by it’s beautiful and varied landscapes. Gudmundsen’s depictions of people in everyday situations are often thoughtful and quiet, the kinds of scenes that develop a more meaningful story line the more they are viewed. The artist spends a great deal of time in perfecting both the feeling of the scene and the accuracy of the human figures in each of his paintings. Gudmundsen’s work has earned acclaim on a national level in numerous shows and publications. His works, which truly capture the human experience, are becoming increasingly rare and valuable as the artist now produces only a few dozen paintings per year. Trent and his wife and four children (and their chickens) make their home in Cache Valley, Utah.

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