15 de enero de 2013

Artista Philippe Jacquot

Philippe Jacquot, born April 23, 1966, painted from an early age. Soon, his favorite theme is the representation of characters. It searches the phrase as well as in the portraits in the nude. Self-taught, he works the pencil, pastel, chalk, oil and acrylic. After passing through the decoration is in 1990 he decided to devote himself exclusively to his art. Past experience allows him to control the paint on glass, sheet metal, as well as bonded materials, giving it the opportunity to get out of the conventional support of the canvas and paper. His work is oriented mainly towards the portrait, the nude and still life. In each work, it looks aesthetics, lightness, softness and subtlety through the curve and work light. His themes are universal: the weather, elements, seasons, balance… It shows the characters and objects through the drapes, which makes them mysterious. These are made of cloth like jeans are painted on canvas jeans. With this method, Philippe Jacquot wants to express the ambiguity between truth and falsehood, reality and fantasy, an illusion. His constant search for new subjects, atmospheres and original techniques, the results to create a series of paintings that may have no link between them. He paints freely according to his mood and inspiration by making fun of the conventions. It is not locked into a so-called “style”, the opening leads to evolution. Although figurative, the composition of his works allows everyone to engage in its own interpretation, leaving the way open for his imagination. They are open on a journey to the strange.

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