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12 de noviembre de 2012

Pinturas de Nityam Singh Roy

NITYAM SINGH ROY. Born: 1978 in Balurghat, West Bengal, India. From the very beginning of my childhood I have always attracted to beauty, beauty that does not only related to visualization but in every Rasa. Story telling of my mother in the childhood makes me to imagine my own world of fantasy where I always image myself as the hero and visualize the story. The stories based on Indian mythology specially make me happy where I found the myths, same as reflected in my paintings till today. I always enjoy these heroes on my canvas. The human forms in my painting are mostly Radha, Krishna and Mira, all together or along with the mood of love or prema chemistry. The most interesting part of human figure, in my belief is the face where I find great area to show every sentiment of love and joy. I gradually develop my temperament to reflect the rasa of their lila and a few objects or forms other than the myths helps to make my sense more powerful and positive.

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