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30 de agosto de 2015

Hovik Zohrabyan

Hovic Zohrabyan.- Born in 1966, in Armenia, in the family of the artist and sculptor Zograbyan Nikogosov . From a very early age Hovik Zohrabyan surrounded by creative atmosphere, and it is not surprising that he wanted a way to express themselves in art. He graduated from the Yerevan Art College and continued his studies at the Moscow people's University. NK Krupskaya. From all areas of the paintings ,the artist are most attracted to Impressionism with his freedom of pictures, colorful palette and a special texture smear when accuracy is important not so much drawing like transfer of experience. Inspired by well-known artists, Hovik , at the same time, looking for ways of representation of reality new, direct way. And he did it. Hovik Zohrabyan hard to typical Impressionist masters due to the characteristic of this trend sweeping, careless succeed classify creates a unique style of the artist. A style that not only is saved, and causes an immediate reaction in the soul. Today lives and works in Odessa,Ukraine.

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