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Las pinturas expuestas corresponden a sus respectivos autores (©Copyright), la presentación de las mismas tienen como finalidad mostrar el trabajo de nuestros pintores y valorizarlo como un ejemplo de enseñanza visual. Muchas gracias a todos los artistas expositores.

15 de marzo de 2012

Nikolay Blokjin

Autor:©Nikolay Blokjin

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Artista Juan Moreno Chamizo

Titulo: Azul
Autor:©Juan Moreno Chamizo

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Bruno Di Maio

Titulo: Dance movement
Autor:©Bruno Di Maio

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Elvira Amrhein

Autora:©Elvira Amrhein


Elvira Amrhein was born in 1957 in Germany.
My passion for painting began the day I tried to carry out a canvas. The exuberance of the material acted like a click.
Painting occupied previously only my leisure because I devoted itself entirely to the evolution and the balance of my small family.
The rewards obtained in the various exposures of paintings encouraged me to continue my artistic step.
The change towards a more marked painting since 2002 is the result of several situations reversals in my life.
When my production seemed to me finally worthy to be shown, all hesitation was fall. I HAD BECOME A PAINTER!.

Rewards / Exposure :
* 1994 - NARGAL prize in the Temple of Art of Chauray
* 1995 - 20th Art gallery and Sculpture of the Armies of St Maixent l'école. First prices in oil and acrylic paint, given by Mrs. Ségolène Royal.
* 1999 - Exposure to the Living room Workshop of the Castle of Art in Bressuire (France). 1st price of the Town of Bressuire.
* 2000 - Exposure to the Living room Workshop of the Castle of Art in Bressuire (France). Prize of the theme.
* 2008 - Exposure to the SIAC (Salon Internationnal d'Art Contemporain) in Marseille (Frankreich)
* 2008 - Exposure to the Printemps de l'Orangerie (La Mothe-Saint-Heray - Frankreich)
Biography by International Graphics:
Today, Elvira Amrhein lives in Garrebourg (France - 57).

Virginia Palomeque

Titulo: El Saxofonista
Autora:©Virginia Palomeque

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13 de marzo de 2012

Anna Carll

Autora:©Anna Carll


Born in West Virginia.
Anna was raised in Sarasota, Florida. Her early influences were imprinted in a tropical but urban setting. After receiving a Bachelor of Art Degree from the University of Florida, she lived and worked in the Atlanta area for 16 years. She now makes her home in the North Georgia Mountains. She began her career as a graphic designer, but eventually migrated towards fine art.
After studying briefly with the late Ouida Canaday, Anna evolved primarily as a self-taught painter. Her early work with the figure reflects the different aspects of humanity through the layering of images. A transformation occurred when she discovered the beautiful properties of wood. Her main influences have been Picasso, Miro, De Kooning, and Jean-Claude Gaugy.
Anna's current work is an exploration of textures, acrylic, and assemblage on wood. She begins her pieces by randomly applying different kinds of texture and then allows the image to emerge. As an intuitive painter, she infuses each piece with vivid color and emotion to frame her mysterious figures. She delves into the past through research and observation for inspiration and content. Some of her figures are derived from ancient or renaissance sculpture. Most of her work is a reaction to current events or an interest in a particular subject matter.
She explores the essence of the figure within an environment of "structure" using the random textures to enhance the image. Her dynamic pieces are presented with a strong composition and the viewer is engaged in an emotional dialogue with the visual story.
Anna's work is collected by a diverse cross-section of private and corporate collections.

12 de marzo de 2012

Arsen Kurbanov

Autor:©Arsen Kurbanov

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Nikolay Blokhin

Autor:©Nikolay Blokhin


Nikolay Blokhin, Born 1968, Leningrad, USSR.

1985 – Graduated from Ioganson's art college at I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

1995 — Graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

1995-1999 — Probationeer at art studio of professor V.I. Reihet.

Since 1996 — Member of the Russian Artists Union.

Since 2000 — Professor of drawing of the easel painting department of the I.E. Repin Institute.

11 de marzo de 2012

10 de marzo de 2012

Natasha Milashevich

Autora:©Natasha Milashevich


Natasha Milashevich
Born 1968, Leninabad, Khazahstan.

1985 – Graduated from Dushanbe art college. Tadzhikistan.

1995 — Graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.


2005 — Kosken gallery, Imatra, Finland

2008 — Downey Gallery, USA

Artista Arsen Kurbanov

Titulo: Red stones
Autor: Arsen Kurbanov.

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Artista Anna Vinogradova

Autora:©Anna Vinogradova


Anna Vinogradova,Born 1975, Krasnodar, Russia.
1994-96 – Yaroslavl art college. Yaroslavl, Russia.
2001 – graduated from the I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.


2001-2010 - private galleries, USA.
2010 - group exposition at the National Art Center. Beijing, China.
2011 - personal exhibition, Exposition Hall of the Council of Federation of Russia, Moscow, Russia.
2011 - Grand prix on International Art Olimpiade. Moscow, Russia.
Full member of ASOPA, USA.

9 de marzo de 2012

Artista Arsen Kurbanov

Titulo: Dream
Autor:©Arsen Kurbanov


Arsen Kurbanov
Born 1969, in Makhachkala, Daghestan.

1988 – graduated from Dzhemal Art College, Makhachkala.

1994 – graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

Since 2008 — in the teaching staff of easel painting department of the I.E. Repin Institute.

8 de marzo de 2012

Silvia Di Marco

Autora:©Silvia Di Marco


Silvia Cristina Di Marco Nació en el año 1944 en la ciudad de General Rodríguez, provincia de Buenos Aires, República Argentina. Actualmente vive en Luján, Buenos Aires.
Silvia se inició en el mundo artístico alrededor del año 80´ cuando el maestro Carlos Ballestrini daba sus clases de Dibujo y Pintura en la Casa de Cultura de Gral. Rodríguez.
Luego de este intento estuvo unos años artísticamente inactiva y retomó las clases de Pintura con el maestro Cayetano Forteza en Luján en 1987 -1988.
Junto con un grupo de amigas crea el Taller de Pintura Tinkunaco en General Rodríguez y es Forteza quien continúa dando sus clases entre 1994 y 1997.
En 1996 asiste, durante un cuatrimestre, a unas clases de dibujo en la Escuela de Bellas Artes de Luján.
En esta búsqueda personal llega a sus manos el libro "La Cantera Interior" de Heriberto Zorrilla y de Helena Distéfano, y adhiere al Esencialismo como movimiento pictórico. Toma clases con Zorrilla de 1998 a 2000.
Se desempeñó como Secretaria de la Asociación de Artista Plásticos Rodriguenses, A.A.P.RO, entre 2000 a 2001.
Sintiéndose plena en el camino artístico descubierto en el Taller de Zorrilla , en el que el "hacer" y el "sentir" se sincronizan, continúa sus clases de Pintura con la profesora Helena Distéfano, de 2001 hasta la actualidad.

Artista Nikolay Butkovskiy

Titulo: Devastation
Autor:©Nikolay Butkovskiy

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Artista Michael Cheval

Autor:©Michael Cheval

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7 de marzo de 2012

6 de marzo de 2012

3 de marzo de 2012

Artista Kevin Beilfuss

Autor:©Kevin Beilfuss


After graduating from Illinois State University and the American Academy of Art, Kevin set out on a free-lance illustration career which lasted thirteen years. Working mostly in the editorial area of illustration, his work consisted mostly of paintings for book covers and magazines. Some of his clients include: Penguin Publishing, Viking Press, Houghton Mifflin, Harlequin, Signs of the Times, Guideposts, Readers Digest, and Golf Digest.
" I had always dreamed of becoming an Illustrator," explains the artist. " But the demands of painting someone else's ideas finally took it's toll. I decided that life is too short and that I had to paint from my heart. We're only given one chance at life, and I had to paint what was important to me. What's important to me," says Kevin, " Is that I try to capture a little of what God has already created in each of my paintings. One can obviously see the beauty of God's creation in nature, but for me it is even more profound when I see and experience that beauty in people."
"Someday you'll find me out painting landscapes, but for now I love to paint the human figure. I find it stimulating to interact with my models as we explore ways to capture what might make an interesting painting. I often come to a modeling session with a preconceived notion of what I would like to explore, such as lighting, color, symbolism, or costuming, but it is usually the model that comes up with the most natural pose allowing more of their true selves to shine through."

Kevin's training at the American Academy of Art in Chicago was his biggest influence on his art career. "Our training was in the classical tradition," he explains, " "we had two classes a day: a 3 hr. figure DRAWING session in the morning, and a 3 hr. figure PAINTING session in the afternoon. With training like that, it's hard not to fall in love with the human form. Whether the figure is clothed or unclothed, the artist must meet the unique challenge presented by both."
Kevin says, " I believe there are endless possibilities when painting the human figure. Even if you were to paint the same model over and over, you can always explore and find something new and beautiful to express in a painting. I hope to express that same beauty I experience in my models to the viewer, so that they might also share in that same experience."

Oleg Shuplyak

Titulo: Portrait of a woman
Autor:©Oleg Shuplyak

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28 de febrero de 2012

Artista Vladimir Kozlov

Titulo: Annunciation
Autor:©Vladimir Kozlov

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Stefan Fiedorowicz

Autor:©Stefan Fiedorowicz


Stefan Fiedorowicz was born in Canada and currently resides in Vienna, Austria. Having exhibited internationally including major shows in the US, Canada and Europe, the artists is predominantly concerned with lyrical abstraction.
His shapes and lines infuse his paintings with a richly exotic symbolism of style. There is purpose and psychology to his work, conveying a sense of confidence. Both bold and at times tentative, Stefan’s work serves to initiate and consequently capture an emotional response, soothing yet powerful. As a result his canvases are inordinately engaging.
“My work is intuitive; colour is the language that I use to express an emotion. It is the interaction of colour that interests me. When you change the way you look at things, the things you see change.'
“Abstract art is an understanding of a visual language, one wherein the viewer must interpret the quality of shapes and line”. Fiedorowicz’s work creates energetic lyrical abstract are with bold colours and superb textures. His sumptuous reds, vivid ochres and blues collide and bleed into one another; creating artwork that not only pleases aesthetically but stirs something tangible within the viewer.

Stefan Fiedorowicz, a Canadian now residing in Vienna Austria has amassed a most impressive resume with shows spreading out from Canada, United States and Europe. Fiedorowicz's work has often been compared to the great modernists of the past following the notable style of lyrical abstraction, a term meaning an opening to personal expression. While perhaps a compliment, this also seems a disservice to his striking talent.
“The emotion in my work comes from somewhere deep down, and can speak to the inner part of each person... My work is intuitive; colour is the language that I use to express an emotion. It is the interaction of colour that interests me.”
Fiedorowicz possesses something more than a painter following in the footsteps of others before. There is a supreme depth to his work that captures a newer sense of Modernism, something that is sadly missing from the current art scene.
His shapes and lines infuse his paintings with a richly exotic symbolism of style. There is purpose and psychology to his work, conveying a sense of confidence from a broad spectrum of experience.
Fiedorowicz’s distinction as a modern painter is in his grace and amplitude in creating works that are engaging and powerful: They make more than a mark - they make a statement generating alluring and fascinating canvases.

MICHAEL BOUGER is a freelance arts writer.
Solo and Group Exhibitions
Galerie Kandinsky,Vienna,Austria, Essence Beyond Form, Dec 2010
Mooch Art Gallery, Manchester UK, Irrefutable Consequences April 2010
Vernissage 'Was Augen nicht sehen' What eyes cannot see
Hernalserkulturkreis, Hauptstraße, Vienna Austria, July 7th thru September 3, 2009
Vernissage 'Pure Memory' Atelier3A Vienna, March 2009
Vernissage' Lucid Memory' Galerie Kandinsky, Dec 2008 Solo Exhibition Vienna
Vernissage, Parhamerplatz Dec 2008 Solo Exhibition Vienna
St Dogmaels Gallery, Wales 2008
International Gallerie, Hamburg, 2008
BIO Erlebnis, Tullnerbach, Österreich, 'Winter Wunder Land' Dec 2007
SCHLOSS FISCHAU VIERTELS GALERIE, Bad Fischau Österreich 'The Canadian
Connection', August 2007
PORTICO GALLERY,Manchester, UK March 1 to March 29th,2007
ALMIRO GALLERY, LIVERPOOL UK Solo Exhibition Feb-March 2007
Vernissage ARS NOVA DIE GALERIE & Wenisch, 'DAS PRIMAT DER FARBE' Nov 2006
CUNLIFFE HOUSE,Solo Exhibition, Kamloops B.C. 2004.
Shuswap Festival of the Arts Sorrento BC, July 2000
Juried Art Show May 2004 Community Arts Council of Kamloops,B.C.
Artists Gallery and Studio Kamloops, British Columbia 2004- ongoing
Okanagan Wine Festival Penticton,B.C. October 10th & 11th 2003
Kamloops Art Gallery Auction Gala, October 3, 2003
Kamloops Juried Art Show April 11 to 26th 2003 Arts Council of Kamloops.
Okanagan Fest of Ales Penticton May, 2003. Solo Exhibition.
Okanagan Wine and Art Festival Penticton September 2002. Solo exhibition.
Kamloops Art Gallery Solo Exhibition June 7th, 2002.
Kamloops Art Gallery February 16 & 17,2001. Donation of one of Fiedorowicz's paintings auctionned at the Kamloops Wine Festival.
Kamloops Art Gallery Original Auction Gala, September 22, 2001. Donation was auctionned.
Kelowna Trade and Convention Center Okanagan Wine and Art Festival.
Penticton at the Okanagan Wine and Art Festival September 28th, 2001.
Penticton Okanagan Wine and Art Festival October 5 & 6,2001. Solo exhibition.

27 de febrero de 2012

Artista Arthur Brahinskiy

Autor:©Arthur Brahinskiy


Arthur Brahinskiy was born in 1965.
Graduated from the art school in 1982.
Graduated from the Lvov Polygraphic institute of I.Fedorov.
Professionally engaged in painting during 15 years.

Personal exhibitions:

1991 - Uzhgorod, Ukraine;
1992 - Stuttgart, Germany;
2001 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary;
2001 - Voyarcvashegy, Hungary;
2002 - Keszthely, Hungary;
2003 - Budapest, Hungary;
2005 - Chakvar, Hungary.

We are pleased to present the artist whose works require very profound analysis. Without any doubt his pieces of art belong to the new way of thinking in painting. We can easily observe how various his pictures are.
The first trend he's practicing is the landscape that resembles very much the pictures of the old masters. Two elements are intermingled there: mystical appeal of these works and clearly expressed aspiration to perform in the way proposed by ancient schools and masters. Only the greatest artists of the ancient times could keep this natural balance of power. Looking at these vivid colors, presented forms and clear lines of the masterpieces created in the happiest times we feel the spirit of the Renaissance settling in our minds. A few hundred copies beginning from Bragel, Claude Lorraine and the Dutch Masters and finishing with the Barbison Art School had great influence on this artist. Actually, the very fact of doing such an amount of work gives him the possibility to approach closely the world tradition. Museums present the school of art that have been successfully tried and tested for centuries. The highest level of the artistic culture if properly perceived cannot be exorbitant or disputable acquisition for an artist. You can hardly find the artistic trend executed by man where learning of the great examples of the past may be treated as an obstacle to the creator.
Nowadays the modern art exists in the state of chaos and the constant quest for something new that cannot be perceived. All the trends of the modernism that seem to have achieved the perfection in reality are in crisis now. The mankind has the dangerous enemy - its intellect. In fact, masters of the modern trends use the people’s experience that is not always moral. The complacency of our century, its hypocrisy and confidence in the fact that everything good, real and noble belongs to its possessions, in reality presents the achievements of the human intellect. Everything that the people’s intellect considers to be sensible and true in the metaphysical aspect is just a regular dogma.
Today we observe the corruption of our cultural canon laws. The general features of this collapse are characteristic for the present time and it has found an expression in the art. In every trend of the modern art we evidently see the disintegration of the collapsed form. In the works of art belonging to the past times the world was presented as real and true. Now it is painted as a total illusion. If the source of self-expression depends on the intensity of feeling, then how the modern man living in a chaotic world can do anything but create a form for this chaos.
Now we are approaching the main point. The second trend of this artist is retro-future, i.e. expressed information about so-called “thin” energies. In this aspect the comprehension of the theosophy is clearly seen and here we are able to observe the dynamic projection of the energy fixed in time and space. The human consciousness and its work are extremely important in this trend and they may be considered as the obligatory elements. One must possess the greatest potential of knowledge, which due to the consistent mind-work may express itself in an attractive form.
At present time the modern mankind is completely ignorant of the existing thin energies, but we should know that psycho energy could be constructive and destructive. Therefore, acquiring the works of Arthur Brahinskiy people should have the elementary knowledge about various effects of these powers. The majority of the contemporary works of art are based on the destructive element. However, this artist thinks that the painting and the art of the future should be looked upon in the aspect of balance and harmony.

26 de febrero de 2012

Artista Nikolay Butkovski

Autor:©Nikolay Butkovskiy


Nikolay Butkovski Born in 1960 in Zhytomir Received education at Moscow College of painting ???In Commemoration of 1905??? and Surykov institute of Fine Arts Member of the National Art Union of Ukraine since 1992 Lives and works in Zhytomir Participant of many international and all-Ukraine art exhibitions Works are in museums and personal collections of many countries of the world.

Artista Vladimir Kozlov

Titulo: Steppeland song
Autor:©Vladimir Kozlov


"Through the perception make the spectator see positive emotions and feeling of harmony " - this is the philosophy of the art of Vladimir Vladimirovich Kozlov.
Vladimir's eagerness to draw appeared in the early childhood. And he was lucky to have good teachers to reveal and support his talent.
Since 1982 he started to take part in different exhibitions: regional, republican and all-Union and so has won critics' recognition.
Vladimir Kozlov dreams to do a bit of traveling, to see more and learn more so that afterwards "reflect my experience in my works". And be sure he will be able to do that since his life motto is "to always achieve the desired result, but not by any means".
- Group exhibition of Lugansk artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine
1985 - "Art" - Exhibition of Ukrainian artists, Moscow, Russia
1986 - Republican art exhibition, Kiev, 1986 - Exhibition of Ukrainian artists, Tbilisi, Georgia
1988 - Group Exhibition at Art Salon, Lugansk, Ukraine
1989 - All-Union exhibition of painting, Moscow, Russia
1990 - Art Action "Future", Donetsk, Ukraine
1993 - Art center "Vyasna", Poland
1994 - "Art Impressions", Kiev, Ukraine
1994 - Exhibition "Fine art of Lugansk artists", Germany
1997 - Group exhibition of the participants of art plener, Poland
1997 - Exhibition at Lugansk Art Museum, Ukraine
1999 - Exhibition "Flower scales", Kiev History Museum, Ukraine
1999 - Art contest, Poltava, Ukraine
2000 - Exhibition at the V International art - festival, Kiev, Ukraine
2001 - "Limits of possible", gallery "RussoArtGallery", Moscow, Russia
2003 - Art Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

25 de febrero de 2012